SublimeText3 from your terminal using it’s CLI

SublimeText3 has a built in CLI, so if you’re like me and inside your terminal most of the time then using subl saves you time launching the directory you wish to edit.

How to get it running:

1: Check your $PATH - $ echo $PATH

2: /usr/local/bin is in your environment path by default, so let’s use this one to create a symbolic link.

3: Let’s create your symbolic link:

ln -s "/Applications/Sublime\" /usr/local/bin/subl

4: Refresh your shell: $ exec $SHELL

5: You can now use the subl command.


It was about time I teach her how to longboard.


Inujima Art House Project

The tiny island of Inujima in Japan’s Seto Inland Sea was once a bustling copper refining town, but the population declined dramatically when the local industry shut down. In 2010, just 56 people lived there—and many of those inhabitants were more than 70 years old.

Recently, the island has been revived into a destination for art and architecture lovers. The industrial complex on the island was converted into the Inujima Seirensho Art Museum in 2008. Two years later, Architects Kazuyo Sejima & Associates created three immersive art pavilions—s-art house, f-art house, and i-art house—all connected by a pathway through the island. This year, a-art house and c-art house opened as well. To view more photos and videos of each of the art houses, visit the location pages below:


Couldn’t help but reblog these pictures. Breathtakingly beautiful. I can’t wait to see Paris at Christmas time, dare I say, in the snow… Although I know I’ll only love the snow for 5 minutes out of my window until I actually have to go outside. I have nightmare memories of Edinburgh where it avalanches for days on end. But still… This is magic. 

(photos from Cherry Blossom Girl)